Randy & The Rainbows


Randy & the Rainbows are an American doo wop group from Maspeth, New York. Career, The group was formed in 1962 in a neighborhood of Queens, and featured two pairs of siblings, along with a fifth member. The Safuto brothers had previously sung in the group The Dialtones. They recorded with the producers of The Tokens, releasing the single "Denise" in 1963. The song hit #18 on the US Black Singles chart and #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year. "Denise" was written by Neil Levenson, and was inspired by his childhood friend, Denice Lefrak. The song later became a European hit for Blondie, with the title changed to "Denis". Randy & The Rainbows' follow-up single, "Why Do Kids Grow Up", barely scraped the pop charts at #97, and the group never charted again. They continued to perform under several other names (Madison Street, Triangle, Them and Us), and ...